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Time is a network tool that lets you obtain precise time value from a remote Time server and synchronize your local system clock. Time servers provide a constantly updated time of day reading (in hours, minutes, and seconds) and date (year, month, day).

You can use the Time tool to:

  • Compare your system time to that of a Time server.
  • Synchronize your system clock with a Time server.

To use the Time tool, do the following:

  1. Select the Time tab.

  2. Enter in the Server text box the host name or IP address of the remote Time server (for example,

    The drop-down list shows the previous host names or IP addresses you have queried.

  3. Set in the Options dialog box any of the options you want to use:

    Bypass ping

    When this option is checked, the Time tool obtains precise time value, regardless of if a host answers an ICMP echo request.

  4. Click the Start button.

    The Time client establishes a connection with the remote Time server and displays the server name, current time reported by the server, and the time difference between your computer’s clock and the server’s clock in the Response area.

  5. Right-click the time server in the Response area to display the pop-up menu and then select Synchronize.

    When successful, the Time tool displays a popup message that indicates your computer’s clock was updated.

Tip: You can right-click the Response area to display the pop-up menu.


Time protocol has a one second resolution and do not account for packet travel times.

Time example:

Time Screenshot

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