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Services is a network tool that lets you verify a host for available network services. The tool displays the currently active port and the usual service assigned to it.

You can use the Services tool to find hidden services like Web servers or FTP.

To use the Services tool, do the following:

  1. Select the Services tab.

  2. Enter in the Host text box a host name or IP address of the remote host (for example,

    The drop-down list shows the previous host names or IP addresses you have queried.

  3. Set in the Options dialog box any of the options you want to use:


    Set in the Services list any of the services you want to verify.

    Bypass ping

    When this option is checked, the Services tool verifies a host for available services, regardless of if the host answers an ICMP echo request.

    Tip: You can choose both port and protocol from the current list of network port numbers and add a new network service to the list.

  4. Click the Verify button.

    The Services tool verifies a remote host. The results of the verification appear in the Response area.

    During the verification, the Verify button toggles to Stop. You can click Stop at any time to stop the verifying.

Tip: You can right-click the Response area to display the pop-up menu.

Services example:

Services Screenshot

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