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Lookup is a network tool that lets you obtain information on host names and IP addresses. This information also includes possible aliases. It also reports physical (MAC) addresses of computers in a local area network.

You can use the Lookup tool to:

  • Look up a host name from an IP address.
  • Find the IP address from a host name.
  • Find the geographical location of an IP address.
  • Find the physical (MAC) address from a host name or an IP address.
  • Look up mail exchangers for the domain.

To use the Lookup tool, do the following:

  1. Select the Lookup tab.

  2. Enter in the Query text box the host name or IP address of the remote host, or an e-mail address from the domain you want to look up (for example, or You can also enter an e-mail address without a local part, but including the sign "@" (for example,

    The drop-down list shows the previous host names, IP addresses or domain names for which you have done a lookup.

  3. Set in the Options dialog box any of the options you want to use:

    DNS server

    Specifies the IP address of your DNS server. You can select the default DNS server of the network stack in your operating system or an alternative one you have added.


    Specifies the number of seconds the Lookup tool tries a DNS server that is not responding.


    Specifies the number of attempts the Lookup tool tries a DNS server that is not responding.

    Sort by preference

    When this option is checked, the Lookup tool sorts all mail exchangers in order of increasing preference number.

  4. Click the Start button.

    The Lookup tool displays the results of the query in the Response area.


  • You can right-click the Response area to display the pop-up menu.
  • You can display the geographical location of an IP address on a Google Map by choosing Show On Map from the pop-up menu.


Lookup requires a connection to a network with a DNS or a WINS server or other type of name server. Your computer must be configured to access these servers.

Lookup example:

Lookup Screenshot

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