Some of the best network diagnostic utilities in the market

There used to be a time when computer networking was considered something that was handled by professionals for office purposes only. The notion came from the thought that only offices had a huge number of computers that were connected with each other. However, as time progressed, we have become more dependent on the computer. Nowadays, the average home has at least three computers connected to a network. Most of the home users now have to know the basic of the computer networking so that they can easily share files and bandwidth from the same source. The network diagnostic utility is a program that diagnoses and troubleshoots problems that may arise within a small or a big network.

The network diagnostic utility is something that is required both by the large firms as well as the home users with basic needs for networking.

The fact remains that solving network problems can sometimes get very tedious. So, if you want to put things into order quickly, a proper diagnostic of the network is what you should go for.

A good network diagnostic utility will make sure that the problem causing the outage in the network is diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. When it comes to computer networking, the margin of error is very low and the smallest mistake from the software end can cause a huge loss of finances. A good network diagnostic utility package will consist of some of the basic tools like the Ping, Trace route, Proxy ping etc. When it comes to advanced diagnosis of the network problems, there are a number of other diagnostic programs that you can utilize. Some of the programs that are included in the network diagnostic utility are listed below:

•    Ping scan: This tool will help to find out whether a certain IP address can be accessed within a network or not. If you want to find out whether the device is on or off, then the ping scan utility will help you to know the same. To put it simply, the ping scan tool helps you get a complete status report of a certain IP address.
•    Proxy Ping: The use of this network diagnostic utility lies in the fact that it can remotely generate a ping test from one computer to another one that is located in a remote fashion.
•    SNMP Ping: This tool can help you check whether the SNMP of an IP is enabled or not. The network engineers can use the tool to find out the status of the device and get basic network related information
like DNS, location, system description etc.

A good network diagnostic utility is an absolute necessity for each and every network out there and you should really get one of these packages in order to ensure that your network remains up and running at all times. Some of the best network diagnostic utility can also provide you with charts and graphs to give the information on the performance of the network at all times.  Try to read the customer testimonials for the product and browse through a few reviews before making the final choice.