Network Diagnostic Tool in Windows Vista

Vista is the only operating system from the stable of Windows that has a proper functioning network diagnostic tool in Windows. Windows is by far the most commonly used operating system in the world market. Although Macintosh and Linux are close behind it, Microsoft still continues to be the Goliath in the OS market. When the first Windows XP Service Pack 1 was released, most of the home users of the operating system did not need to set up networks as there used to be only one computer in the household. Nowadays, the world has moved on and each home seems to have at least two to three desktop computers. Connecting up all these computers with a simple home network connection helps the users share data, bandwidth and files seamlessly, thereby making the most of the hardware provided to them. The recent development in the network diagnostic tool in Windows is primarily due to the growing demand of the home users.

The network diagnostic tool in Windows Vista helps you monitor your home network as well as your office network without putting any extra effort.

If somehow you find that one of your computers has gone offline from the network, then you can simply use the network diagnostic tool in Windows to locate the problem and troubleshoot it with greater accuracy. You can simply go to the control panel and start off the application and it will start looking for possible problems with your network connection. After the troubleshooting scan has been completed, the network diagnostic tool in Windows will show you the results and you can simple click a button to solve all the problems that you may face. A quick restart later, your computer that went off the network should be online once again - thanks to the network diagnostic tool in Windows.

If the problem still remains unsolved, you can contact the Internet Service Provider and ask them about the malfunction. If it’s a home network, then it might signal to show a hardware malfunction. The network diagnostic tool in Windows can get rid of most of the software bugs and driver-related troubles. The easy-to-use interface of the network diagnostic tool in Windows vista makes it extremely user-friendly and helps novices to completely troubleshoot the network problems within a few minutes. The network center has been given a complete overhauling and all the computers and devices on the network are placed within the same window so that it becomes easier to access files and look at the condition of each device.

The network users can share printers and devices through the network and can even manually change and tweak the setting of the IPv4 protocols to maximize the bandwidth. The network diagnostic tool in Windows can also help you configure the network according to the IPv6 protocol. There are so many cool new features in the new network diagnostic tool that as a network administrator, you could not have asked for anything more. So, start using the network diagnostic tool in Windows to reap the optimum benefits.